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Slidershow is the first complete portal of Orissa. It is the most comprehensive

as well as the most up-to-date resource on Orissa. The portal is Completely Based On

Odia Film.

The endeavor at is to introduce in the state’s life transformations

that are happening around the Ollywood, facilitated and fastened by the .com revolution.

Precisely why, here you will find a ReView section that lays out the state for you like

never before. In the Movie Review section which provides the Oriya youth a platform to

remain in the loop of the latest and voice their opinion. In The Trails section will be your

eye on the happenings in Streaming The Movie Trailors.

Thus, is a platform where the young and old, the happening and the

couch veggies, the nerds and the amateurs of Orissa meet. Through a host of online and

offline activities, has become a name that people know, trust and

identify as the face of change.